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We have teamed with one of Bangkok’s most advances Stem Cell Therapy Centres offering advanced therapies. We can help you make appointments, provide VIP services at Bangkok airport and assist with booking accommodation. You don’t need to live in chronic pain; stem cell therapy is the future.




Working with our network of scientists, doctors and hospitals we can facilitate your treatment for some of the most serious disease conditions.

Within our network we have access to advanced medical treatments in the areas of Fertility, Renal Failure, Heart Disease, Neurological Disorders, Liver Disease, Autism and Cancer.

We also specialise in  orthopedic and cosmetic therapies

Back Stem Cell Therapy:

The most common complaint is lower back pain and it may be resolved without surgery.

Para-spinal injections can reduce the swelling where nerves exit the bone to relieve pain.

This procedure may be performed in less than one hour.

All patients treated have a 70% improvement in disc with resolution of pain and sciatica.

Hip & Shoulder Stem Cell Therapy:

As we age knee and hip osteoarthritis is a major cause of disability and chronic pain. We offer a range of therapy options which have been proven to be effective in reducing the pain and avoiding daily pain medication

Knee Stem Cell Therapy:  Knee replacements are becoming less common. Many knees are saved using stem cells to help regrow and strengthen ligaments and cartilage.

Stem cell knee injections with platelet rich plasma accelerates knee recovery making surgery less likely

Cosmetic therapy

UCLA scientists identify a new way to activate stem cells to make hair grow the research was published in the journal Nature Cell Biology, August 14, 2017.

The results are seen within weeks of a 6-week program.

This is achieved without a surgery or implant, only stem cells!

Needle free - Pain free PRP for Face and Hair: With advanced Anti-Aging Stem Cell Cosmetics we turn back time to celebrate life

Stem Cell Face Lift: Age seems to peel away at our beauty with time. The signs of aging generally start at 30, earlier for smokers. Along with the cosmetic application to skin, stem cells are given intravenously.

Stem Cell Breast Augmentation: We use your own body fat to grow real breasts without an implant. Fat may be taken from your tummy and buttocks and transferred with Stem Cells to your breasts. This procedure involves no saline or silicone implant.



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